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Ethical Conduct Policy

Ethical Conduct Policy FAMA Spółka z o.o.

The road to success leads by building a modern organizational culture around its own system of universal values related to compliance with honesty, reliability towards employees, candidates and contractors.

General rules

The ethical conduct policy applies to all candidates, employees and associates. 
• The entire environment of the Company undertakes to shape relationships based on the values derived from the policy and to promote the principles set out in it. 
• The ethical principles set out in the Policy result from a strategy that takes into account social interests, environmental protection, as well as relations with authorities and local communities.

Policy towards employees

FAMA wants to be an organization that is committed to respecting the dignity and individual value of each person, especially our employees and their rights. 
• We will also encourage our employees to achieve the highest results at work, providing them with convenient, motivating operating conditions and an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. 
• We will fully support individual employee initiatives.
• We ensure equal opportunities for further development and fair remuneration for the work performed for all staff. 
• We will take all possible measures to eliminate potential hazards from the work environment and reduce occupational risk at every workplace. 
• We declare that we will abide by the principle of freedom and equality of employment, we will consult employees, listen to their needs and expectations, we do not accept and we will not accept any form of discrimination, we do not and will not use forced labour, and employees will have a chance to raise the level of training and education.

Policy towards suppliers, partners, customers

The company makes every effort to ensure that our products and services rendered by us are distinguished by the highest and repeatable quality.
• Our activity is characterized by business honesty, reliability and accuracy as well as broadly understood innovation. 
• Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.
• We are committed to ensure that our actions are responsible and that the contacts we make are fair, transparent and open.
• Our relationship with suppliers, partners and customers is and will be based on mutual respect.

Chairman of the Board
Andrzej Kutnik