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Tests and measurements

FAMA has a well-equipped Quality Department in which expert specialists perform their duties. As part of the equipment available and their qualifications, we are able to monitor the level of quality of products and services implemented in our plant, as well as provide metrological services.

Thanks to this, we operate effectively in such areas as:


Length and angle measurement - The Quality Department is equipped with CMM (HEXAGON) machines that allow precise measurements of products in an air-conditioned internal laboratory. In addition, we have extensive measuring equipment that allows you to perform measurements in a wide range and with varying precision, depending on customer requirements.

Hardness and strength measurement - part of our quality assurance activities relate to hardness and strength measurements. The Quality Department is equipped with hardness testers that provide us with precise measurements on the Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers scale. In the case of material testing, we have a strength machine on which we are able to measure tensile, compressive and bending forces.

Coating measurements are another element that we are able to verify to ensure the high quality of products. We have specialized tools for measuring the thickness of coatings, which allow us to precisely determine the fulfilment of requirements.


Our specialists are highly qualified, that is way we can examine the quality of welded joints. We have specialists with qualifications (level 2) for visual (VT), magnetic (MT) and penetration (PT) tests. If ultrasonic testing is necessary, we work with external service providers.


The Quality Department has an air-conditioned laboratory in which we calibrate our own measuring equipment. All final standards used for calibration are checked and calibrated in external laboratories and measurement offices. In this way, we ensure measuring consistency of the equipment we calibrate.


FAMA has its own testing station for testing devices. We are able to test the operation of the manufactured devices.


In the case of researches or tests that we cannot do alone, we outsource them. We have a wide base of suppliers with whom we cooperate in this field. These are both measurement offices, scientific and technical units, as well as highly specialized research laboratories that support us in the field of metrology and research.

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