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HR policy

HR policy and its implementation at FAMA Spółka z o.o. are an important element of the company's operation. Our goal is to create an active team of people implementing company strategies. Each employee contributes to the success of the entire team, for which everyone is also responsible. We consider our employees as one of the most important resources at our disposal.

     Employees create, shape and develop the company. We believe that thanks to the ability to attract young, energetic, creative and committed employees, we have valuable human capital in our organization. We want to meet the psychological requirements of our employees, such as their need for self-fulfilment, the possibility of making independent decisions and promotion, as well as the sense of importance of the work performed. That is why we constantly take actions aimed at dynamic, planned development, strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit and the community. We invest in our employees by creating favourable working conditions for them, the opportunity to develop their potential, learn, improve their skills and acquire new qualifications in successively implemented projects. Our employees have the opportunity to raise their knowledge every day, which they treat as a key to personal and organizational success. In a company like FAMA, there is no discrimination based on the sex and age of employees. We educate juvenile employees, preparing them for work as a qualified employee. The assumed HR policy indicates the employment of young people for positions such as: numerically controlled machine tool operator, service technician, dispatcher, trader, technologist, constructor, as well as older people with life and professional experience in positions such as: senior technologist, senior master.

     The company's goal is to employ ambitious people for whom contributing to the company's success is an indicator of their self-fulfilment. We make efforts to encourage our employees to undertake education, improve their skills and raise professional qualifications. We implement employee training to broaden knowledge about the company's internal mechanisms and to improve the efficiency of teamwork in the implementation of tasks. FAMA is a company in which creative people full of energy and commitment work together to achieve ambitious goals, regardless of age, gender or level of education, while ensuring at the same time the highest standards.

Chairman of the Board
Andrzej Kutnik